Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What after completing study?

After completing your studies you will be given a 18 month job search visa. After you have a job offer you will be issued blue card {like us red card} which will enable you to work indefinitely in any of European countries. If you would like to move out of Germany, you will still have ample amount of opportunities all over the world, as German universities are esteemed and reputed.

Q: Is it necessary to know German language?

It’s not necessary to know for study in German universities and it’s also not necessary for getting job because you can get job based on your English language .but it is better to know as it help one to intermingle with German culture .you can try to learn language online. The language preparing courses is also available in universities.

Q:What are the required documents?

One should have valid passport and after that valid student visa for study. Along with these two you must have your academic documents, financial documents, health insurance and admission letter.

Q:Is it expensive to study in Germany?

No, we would say comparing it to other student destination. The German universities are state funded hence they charge no fee or very nominal fee and your cost of living is also at par with other student destination

Q:Is it possible to work and study simultaneously?

You will not be able to work for a certain period of time if you belong to non-European country this period may be of of 90 days .you can study and work simultaneously if you are granted permission by the university which is often given and then you can contact local employment office. We would be there to help you.